Raph (former WWE wrestler Al Snow) and Max (John Wells) only kill bad guys, and only after their boss Sam (Katie Stewart), a high-powered attorney, has cashed a nice paycheck for getting her sleazy clients off the hook.

It’s hard being a hit man; at least that’s Raph’s take on the situation. Especially when he finds himself in hot water for forgetting his son’s ninth birthday.

Luckily Max is there to help his friend scramble to get things together for the kid’s big day. But when Sam sends the duo on a last-minute job, the two friends find themselves locked in a laboratory with a team of terrified researchers.

It’s a classic tale of science gone awry, zombie alien style. And it’s up to our heroes to save the day…and try not to become zalien drones in the process!

But the trouble they’ve gotten themselves into is nothing compared to the wrath of Raph’s wife if he doesn’t make it home in time for his son’s birthday party.

Being a good hit man is tough; being a good dad is killer!

“Overtime” is director Matt Niehoff’s first feature, based on an original screenplay by Niehoff and Brian Cunningham.

Cunningham and Niehoff also produced the film, shooting the low-budget movie entirely in Louisville, Kentucky. Cunningham acted as director of photography while Niehoff edited the film and completed the movie’s special effects. TNA wrestler Al Snow leads the cast of Louisville-based actors, including John Wells, Katie Stewart, Sebrina Siegel, James Tackett and Rita Hight.

Veteran make-up effects coordinator Dusty June supervised a team of make-up artists to create stunningly believable zombie-aliens as well as blood and special creature effects.

Overtime s a presentation of ThoughtFly Films, in association with Almost Sober productions. The film is not yet rated.